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Sherlock Holmes and Sebastian Symes


       If you ask who is the outstanding Victorian Detective, the name that will spring to mind is Sherlock Holmes. The books started it, but his fame has been carried further by the films and by television. Holmes has been fortunate to have attracted outstanding actors who have brought different interpretations. Of course you cannot mention Sherlock Holmes without immediately thinking of Dr Watson. They are inseparable.


       There is another duo who were contemporaries of Holmes and Watson. They are Sebastian Symes and Major Ritson. Symesí reputation suffers from the fact that Ritson, unlike Watson, had no interest in publishing the cases with which he was involved. His interests were in food and in the young ladies they encountered. Fortunately he kept extensive diaries and it is in these that their adventures live on.


       Sebastian Symes considered that he was of equal if not superior powers to those of Holmes. This caused him to be somewhat jealous of Holmes. However there was no animosity and indeed Symes consulted Dr Watson, on occasion, such as when his ribs were broken in a boxing match with Battling Billy Ford. In contrast, Major Ritson found much to admire in Holmes and his reservations were on the role of Dr Watson in pushing Holmes to the fore.


       Perhaps these tensions were inevitable when two giants of crime investigation shared the stage. Hopefully the publication of the cases of Sebastian Symes will give him the recognition which has so far eluded him.





Sebastian Symes, rival of Sherlock Holmes, searches for a butcherís missing daughter.


He and his companion Major Ritson encounter a Hungarian Count, a religious relic and a company of Hussars, in a tale of Victorian morality.




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